• Scissors

    Classroom Supplies

    Please label each item with your child's name.

    *Labeling each item takes time.  However, it ensures that all of your child's items get returned back to them when we find them on the floor. : )
    1 sturdy plastic pencil box (no larger than 9 in. long as these will  be left on our tables throughout the day) 
    1 pair of ear buds- stored in a plastic bag and labeled with your child's name.  (This way children will not have to share headphones.) 
    4 boxes of 24 count crayons
    1 box of #2 pencils sharpened
    2 pink pearl type erasers
    1 pair of scissors (Fiscar's are easy to use and typically work best)
    1 large (7.6 oz) bottle of ELmer's Glue
    3 large glue sticks
    3 plastic folders for take home (two-any color; one blue)
    1 marble composition notebook
    4 dry erase markers
    1 box "Classic" 8 color fat markers ("Bold" colors do not have a black)
    1 box colored pencils
    1 hand held pencil sharpener
    1 art smock (An old long sleeved t-shirt works wonders to protect those winter sleeves.)
    1 box of zip type bags -(gallon size)
    1 container of disinfecting wipes
    2 boxes of tissues