• Middle School PE 


    In Person Model

    Students are expected to come to school in comfortable clothes on PE days because they will not be changing into gym clothes.  They are also required to wear sneakers that tie to PE class. Students need to be prepared for the weather outside as we will be going outdoors as much as possible. We may be out when it's raining, we may be out when it's snowing, students need to have a jacket or sweatshirt. Each PE class is worth 5 points.  Students will recieve a numerical grade for Physical Education at the end if the semester. Students and parents can check the portal weekly for their PE grade.  


    100% Remote Model

    Students are expected to complete up to 3 physical education online assignments each week.  Each assignment will be posed on "TEAMS" weekely and are due by the end of that week.  Each assignment will be worth 5 points each.  Students will receive a numberical grade for physcial education at the end of each semester. 100% remote studetns are expected to make contact weekly with their physical education teacher.  This can be done through a TEAMS message, call, or even an e-mail.  Students or parents may check they portal weekly to see their weekly grade.