• PE Make Up Procedures 

    For Mr. Schlabach 



    If you miss a PE class in which you were supposed to be physically be present, you must make up that missed class.  The absence must be an excused absence to qualify to be made up. If you you were unexcused from class, you cannot make those points up.  

    When you have an absence, you will be required to complete a fitness tracker for each missed class.   

    Fitness tracker- This is an app on your phone that can track your activity.  If you do not have a fitness app on your phone, here are some examples you may download: google fit, fitbit, apple health, samsung fit, map my run, map my ride, strava, etc.  Find one that will work for you AND show the criteria needed below.  


    The criteria that must be met is as follows: 

    The duration of your workout MUST ALWAYS be at least 30 minutes long.  

    Next, you must also meet at least ONE of the following: 

    Take 1,500 steps, Burn 150 calories, Or have an average heart rate of 130 bpm 






    Below is an example of a fitness tracker that shows the correct information.  

     fitness tracker


    If you have missed one class you would e-mail me one fitness tracker, if you have missed two classes you would e-mail me two.   

    You have 1 week from the date of the absence to make up your missed class.  

    Please communicate with me if you have any questions.