• Many of the links below will allow you to play interactive games that deal with multiplication. Some of the links will require you to know how to multiply two-digit by two-digit numbers...Enjoy!
    Pumpkin Patch - Kids are coming to your pumpkin patch. Keep them happy by growing the
                                pumpkins quickly!
    Diaper Duty - Win the diaper derby by getting your times tables faster than any other babies! You
                            can customize your baby and its walker too.
    Cone Crazy! - Choose the correct answer to each multiplication problem with each scoop of ice
    Grand Prix - Race against up to three other students to win the Multiplication Cup!
    Snagger's Pond - Help Snagger the fish get his dinner, then guide him back to his home.

    Car Wash - Correctly answer the problems to watch the car get washed. When you have washed
                       enough cars and trucks, you get to race them around the sudsy track!