• Practice your division facts using the following games!
    Snowy Fun - Whether you live near snow or not, everyone can join in the fun of decorating their own snowman in Snowy Fun. Come work on your math facts and earn decorations to customize your snowman. Hurry! Don't delay for soon the snow may melt away.
    Farmer Fred's Pumpkin Patch - Farmer Fred, from Harvest Hootenanny, now needs your help to get the pumpkins ready for his customers. Practice your division facts while growing pumpkins and helping Farmer Fred!
    Diaper Derby! - It is time for the babies to race. Answer the division questions quickly and accurately to speed up your baby and have him win the race!
    Pizza Pizzazz - You are the new waiter at Pizza Pizzazz. There are a lot of hungry mice waiting for you to serve them up some delicious slices of math pizza. Decide your favorite toppings after finishing your shift.
    Division Snowball Fight - Review your division facts, but watch out if you are wrong! Too many wrong and you will get a cold. Keep healthy and earn a different title everytime you play!
    Super Stars - Have fun with a platform game after doing your math problems. Get enough problems correct to earn more lives!