• Fractions and Decimals and Percents! Oh My!
    Decention - The Intergalactic Space Games (ISG) are held each year on Planet Rational. Teammates usually wear matching colored uniforms but there was a mix up at the ISG wharehouse this year. Instead of matching colors, teammates will be wearing matching number values. For example, teammates with 1/2, 0.5 and 50% would all be on the same team. Your job as the ISG director is to make sure that all those athletes get to the same starting line before the games begin. There are 9 groups to sort and each new group is more challenging than the last...good luck!
    Jeopardy - Who doesn't love a good old fashioned game of Fractions, Decimals and Percents Jeopardy. This can be played alone or with a partner or two.
    Math Millionaire - Who wants to be a millionaire...answer fraction, decimal, percent conversions to become a math millionaire...is that your final answer??? 
    Math Memory - Match the fraction, decimal and percent cards until your board is clear.