As school budgets have require more and more cuts, fundraising has become an even more important part of PTO. Through your support, either monetarily and/or with your time helping on fundraisers we are able to provide many activities and events throughout the year. We are only able to do so through our Marilla Primary community, families, and friends willingness to participate in our two annual general fundraisers and a few special FUNdraisers. All funds raised go directly to the PTO. There are no dues, state or national association fees.

    Dinner Nights Out | Chairs - 

    Fall Fundraiser (Auction & Art)  | Chairs -

    Spring Fundraiser (Chocolate & Flowers  | Chairs -  

    Scrip Cards (November, March, May) | Chair - 

    Box Tops (All year; Contests September & March) | Chair - 

    Please contact any officer for more information concerning our fundraising efforts.

    A few on-going opportunities are:

    Enroll in Take Charge of Education* and whenever you use your REDcard, Target will donate a percentage of your purchases to Marilla Primary. Plus, YOU receive 5% off everytime you shop!

    Register your TOPS BonusPlus or BonusCard at TOPS in Education*. TOPS contributes a percentage of participating purchases to Marilla Primary

    Please Note: You must re-register for this program every year.

    Cut and save Box Tops and discover more ways to earn money for Marilla Primary through the Box Tops for Education Program.