• Homework Policy:

    In Social Studies students will be assigned homework on a somewhat regular basis. Vocabulary assignments, Guided Reading, Fill in Notes, and other various activities are assigned to either introduce or reinforce material presented in class. Homework is to be completed in a timely manner and is due in the beginning of class following when it was assigned. Homework is graded as follows when turned in:

    Due date = 100%

    1 Day late = 50%

    2 Days late = 50%

    3 Days late or more = 0% 


    It is the responsibility of the student to make up work and get class materials for days they are absent. In addition to calling for a yellow team homework sheet to be filled out, the student should check in home base the morning they return to see what else they may have missed. Any homework due on the day of absence will be due the day the student returns. Additionally, tests or quizzes that were given on the day they missed will be given the next class the student returns unless otherwise worked out with the teacher.

    Grade Breakdown: 
    Percentages of the work that make up a student's grade may change over the year.  The figures given are rough estimates for where points can be gained or lost throughout the marking period.
    Tests/Quizzes: 60%
    Class Projects/Assignments: 10%
    Homework: 20%
    Class Participation: 10%
    Plagiarism and Cheating 
    Taking someone else's work and trying to pass it off as your own will not be tolerated.  Whether it is a single homework assignment or an entire research project plagiarism is harmful to everyone involved.  Prior to 8th grade students have been taught extensively what constitutes plagiarism.  If I find instances of plagiarism the student involved will receive a 0% for the assignment, contact with the student's parents will be made, and the student will still be required to complete the assignment with their own work.
    Classroom Electronics 
     We are now entering our second year of 1:1 computer access.  With these great new tools comes new responsibility for everyone.  No recording of any kind may be done of any member of the classroom without his/her knowledge and approval.  Additionally, computers in the classroom must be used for educational purposes, as directed by the teacher, or a student may have their right to use their device in my classroom taken away.  Cell phones are not allowed in the classroom and must remain in each student's locker throughout the school day.