• Welcome to English 11R!!!

    Mrs. Hartnett

    Room 224


    Class Goal

    Our main goal this year will be the improvement of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills pursuant to the New York State ELA Standards.  We will write in a variety of different ways that incorporate practicing and enhancing the skills needed for the English Regents Common Core Exam as well as learning the skills necessary to perform on the state test at a very high level.  The NYS ELA Regents CC exam will be taken this year (in January).  In the process, I expect to have a lot of fun!


    Classroom Rules

    Be on time- must be in the classroom  and in your seat prior to the bell

    Be prepared-must have a working writing utensil, college ruled paper, an English binder/folder, any text we are currently studying,  vocabulary workbook, and your homework

    Be  productive- part of your grade is based on your participation with class work (this includes working with partners/groups) and class discussion

    Be respectful- not only will you be required to be polite, respectful and cooperative with me, but with your classmates as well.  For example, this means (but is certainly not limited to): when someone is speaking, you are listening.  Also, inappropriate or disrespectful comments, remarks and name-calling will not be tolerated.  This includes making reference to individuals and/or groups of people outside of the classroom.  Our world and country is diverse, being made up of many different cultures, beliefs and appearances.  Therefore, narrow mindedness has absolutely no place in our classroom.  Think of our class mantra as: Just because someone is different from you, doesn’t make him/her wrong. Embrace individuality and difference! J

    Be mindful of the environment- reduce, reuse, and RECYCLE!!!  Any paper/plastic products must be discarded in its properly designated recycling bin located in our class room


    ***Failure to follow in accordance of these rules will result in one or all of the following:

    1.       student-teacher conference

    2.       written referral

    3.       parent/guardian communication

    4.       student/parent/teacher conference






    Here is What Else to Expect…

    The best learning comes from when we learn from each other.  So, consider our class a community.  We will be sharing our experiences, views and thoughts on many issues. It is important for EVERYONE to have a voice in her/his learning.  Therefore, be prepared for lots of discussion, collaborative learning, thoughtful writing and enriching literature. This is YOUR education…value it!!!


    Tentative Syllabus:

    These are the major areas and pieces of American literature that we will be studying.  They are subject to change and may not be studied in the order presented:

    Ø  The Crucible (drama)

    Ø  Of Mice and Men  (novella)

    Ø  To Kill a Mockingbird (novel)

    Ø  The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (novel)

    Ø  Catcher in the Rye (novel)

    Ø  Research project


    Grading Policy

    Your grade will be composed of three areas: 1. literature (45%)

                                                                                       2. writing (45%)

       3. participation (10%) - class participation will only improve your     overall grade. This area includes being involved in class work,

    discussion and handing homework in on time.


    ***Homework will not be accepted after it is due; therefore a score of zero credit will result in failure to hand work in on time.  Consider the deadline as part of the overall grade of the homework assignment.


    Homework is posted daily on the school website!



    To avoid senseless waste of our precious paper resources, you will be granted an additional 3 points on any computer or hand written assignment that is presented on already printed paper.  (The computer lab (room 216) and my classroom have an abundant supply of this paper). This includes any pre-writing, rough drafts and/or final drafts.  Be responsible and active towards lessening your carbon footprint!!!