Auditions for Aladdin Jr are:
          7th and 8th Grade Girls – Monday, October 25th until 4:00pm
          6th Grade Girls – Tuesday, October 26th until 4:00pm  
          ALL BOYS – Wednesday, October 27th until 4:00pm
    Audition Materials:
    These are the items you will use to prepare for the singing portion of your audition:
    *start at measure 18 with the Genie line and sing melody until measure 57.
    Use this track to learn the song:
    Use this track which is the music you will sing with at your audition:
    Make sure you practice with this track A LOT!!!
    Most students should sing in the upper octave (the octave above the man's voice).
    Boys with changing voices may sing in the lower octave or mix octaves.
    These are the items you will use to prepare for the speaking portion of your audition:
    Monologue Selection
    You have four monologues to chose from to present during your audition.  Read each of the monologues linked below and decide which one best suits you.  You do not have to memorize but you should consider adding as much character and personality to your performance as you can.  Be sure to practice your monolgue until you are comfortable performing it.  
     Don't forget your  Audition Ticket!
    You will NOT be allowed to audition without this signed sheet (to be turned in AT YOUR AUDITION.) 
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