• Regents Living Environment

    Instructor:  Mr. Dombrowski

    Course Objectives:

                The main objective of this course is to familiarize the high school student with the environment, living organisms, and interactions that take place around us.  Students will also learn ideas regarding past organisms and changes that have taken place.  Since readings and diagrams are an integral part of science, students will learn how to interpret various forms of media used in this field of science.  The Regents Examination will be taken by all students at the end of the year as a final assessment.

    Expectations:  I expect everyone to: 

    1.      Come to class on time and prepared to learn.

    2.      Respect the rights of others, especially the right to learn, by being quiet and attentive during class.

    3.      Ask questions (by raising hands).

    4.      Give their best effort to this class.

    5.      Have fun!



                Students should be in class (virtual/in-person) when class begins.  Students should have all needed materials when class begins.  Virtual students should remain in class until dismissed by the teacher.



     1.      A notebook should be kept by all students.  I recommend a spial or composition notebook.  This should be used to create study notes from the on-line interactive textbook we will be using 

    2.      Pens, pencils (sharpened before class), and a calculator.
    3.     Technology - laptops should be charged and ready for class.  Students should have with them their stylus.  Students should also bring with them earbuds or headphones when in class.


    1.      Weekly assignments will be given each Monday morning via Teams and are due the following Sunday evening by 11:00 pm.

    2.     Weekly assignments will be explained during the first class meeting of the week (Usually Monday unless there is a holiday)


    3.      Each assignment will comprise of three components:

           a.  CK-12 On-line Interactive Textbook - each weekly assignment will include one or more CK-12 topics

           b.  Worksheet/Notes

           c.  Castle Learning/Video with embedded questions/Virtual Simulation (3rd component will vary each week)

    4.      Assignments will be pushed out to students via Teams but will also be available on my website under the "Weekly Assignments" tab.

    5.      Missing assignments will not be excused and must be made up.  It is the student’s responsibility to find out missing work.

    Cell Phone Policy: 

               Cell phones are NOT to be used during the class or laboratory time.  They may not even be on a student's desk.  Cell phones are a distraction to the learning environment.

    Discipline Policy:


    1.      Common sense prevails in this classroom.  Students have the right to learn and must allow others to learn.  Disturbances and disruptions will not be tolerated.  After school detention with me or the office and/or removal from the class will be the consequence for such inappropriate behavior.  THIS IS YOUR WARNING!

    2.      Parents will be contacted by phone and/or deficiency report if there is a problem.  If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact me before work becomes a real problem.


    Extra Help:

                I am more than willing to provide students with any extra help they may need with assignments or subject material.  Meetings can be set-up through Teams.  Please make arrangements with me ahead of time.

    No extra credit work will be given at anytime. NO EXCEPTIONS!


    Grades: Please see the "Grading Policy" tab