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    Iroquois Student Art Gallery


    Goal of Iroquois K-12 Visual Arts Program: To Develop Artistic Literacy


    • Use a variety of artistic media, symbols, and metaphors to communicate their own ideas and to respond to the artistic communications of others.

    • Develop creative personal realization in at least one art form in which they continue active involvement as an adult.

    • Cultivate culture, history and other connections through diverse forms and genres of artwork.

    • Find joy, inspiration, intellectual stimulation, and meaning when they participate in the arts.

    • Seek artistic experiences and support in the arts in their communities.


    K-12 Art Department


    Extention Web Page Link

    Mrs. Campbell

    Middle School

    Ext. 6313

    Web Page

    Mrs. Lasky

     Middle School

    Marilla Primary

    Ext. 5013


     Web Page

    Mr. Napierala

    Elma Primary

    Wales Primary

    Ext. 2511

    Ext. 4035

    Web Page

    Mrs. Payne

    High School

    Ext. 7161

    Web Page

    Mrs. Schuman

     High School

    Ext. 7160

    Web Page