• Classroom Policies and Procedures

    Dear Students:

    In order to perform well in Common Core Algebra 2, I would like you to be aware of my classroom policies and procedures.   

    Students are required to be in class on time.  They should come prepared with the necessary items (book, paper, pencil, pen, calculator, etc.).   This will make the class most productive.


    OnlineTextbook: E-math instruction
    Notebook:      Three Ring Binder or a Two-Pocket Folder with a spiral notebook; Graph Paper                      
    Writing instrument:  Pencils, pens, dry erase marker
    Calculator:       Graphing Calculator (TI-83 PLUS approx. $100)
    *** The Graphing Calculator is required on the Common Core Algebra 2 exam in June.

    Classroom Policies 

    These are the policies you should follow in my classroom:

    1.      When the bell rings, you should be in your seat and ready to start class.

    2.      Come prepared with proper materials. You will not be able to go to your locker for them during class.

    3.      Remain seated during class.

    4.      No food or drink in class.

    5.      Be respectful of others.

    6.      Maintain a positive attitude that is conducive to learning.

    ***Failure to follow these rules will result in a warning.  If the problem persists you will be given a referral and I will call home.


    Students are responsible for making up notes and assignments.  Check the homework chart for the assignment numbers that were given on the day you were absent and then refer to your homework assignment sheet for the assignment.  I will give you a couple of days to make up missed homework assignments.  If you are absent for a test or quiz, it is YOUR responsibility to request a suitable time for the make up test.  If you fail to make those arrangements you will receive a zero on that test.

    Grading Procedures


    Homework will be worth 20% of your quarter average.  Normally, I will grade homework by checking it each day in class.  I will grade on a scale of 0-2.  Completed quality homework will be a 2 or 100%.  Failure to complete homework will be a 0.  Homework that is of poor quality will be a 1 or 50%.  There is no credit given for late assignments unless they were legally absent from a day of school.

                Quality homework contains the following...              Poor quality is the following...

    1.      Problems are legible.                                             1.  No work is shown.

    2.      Work is shown in step-by-step process.               2.  Overall appearance of the assignment is sloppy.

    ***Missing assignments will result in a telephone call home.


    Testing represents 80% of the quarter average.  The tests will be on the unit and some questions from previous topics.  They are cumulative.

    Final Exam

    The final exam for this course is the Common Core Algebra 2 exam. Everything that is learned from this year will be on that exam given in June. 

    Final Grade

    The final grade of the Course will be determined by calculating the average of the 4 quarterly grades, and the Common Core exam.