• Introduction to Robotics

    STEM Robotics 101


    Instructor:                   Mr. Ruffino

    Contact Information: 

    Telephone -     716-652-3000 ext: 7159

    EMAIL -         rruffino@iroquoiscsd.org


    Course Information


    This is a beginning course in robotics.  We will be utilizing Lego Mindstorm kits, Robolab software and various Lego Robotics materials.  The objective of this course is to introduce the student to basic programming as well as problem solving strategies.  This course will involve students in the development, building and programming of a LEGO Mindstorm robot.  Students will work hands-on in teams to design, build, program and document their progress.  Topics may include motor control, gear ratios, torque, friction, sensors, timing, program loops, logic gates, decision-making, timing sequences, propulsion systems and binary number systems.  Student designed robots will be programmed to compete in various courses as developed by First Lego League.


    We hope that this class will provide motivation for students to continue in computer science and engineering courses.


    Course Objectives


    Students will learn, understand and know the following -


    *  How to collaborate in groups and teams

    *  How to design robots for specific activities and scenarios

    *  How to use Robolab programming software

    *  Gears, pulleys, torque, friction, timing, sensors, and program loops

    *  To design, develop and complete robotic activities and challenges


    Classroom Policies


    Students are expected to follow all Iroquois High School policies as outlined in the Student handbook.  Students will be expected to follow all computer rules including having signed an Acceptable Use Policy for Internet access.


    Student /teacher Expectations

    This course is designed for the beginning to intermediate level computer user who has some experience using the computer.  Students will work in-groups and teams to complete various course assignments and projects (challenges).  Students will be expected to self-motivated and stay on task with all lectures, web based instruction and activities. 




    Student Data Storage


    Each student will be given disks and space on the school server to store their robotic programs and activities. Students are responsible for backing up all of their work and maintaining their data.  No excuses will be accepted for losing work, since multiple ways are offered to back-up and save student work.




    Deadlines are exactly what they mean!  All work is due when asked for with limited exceptions.  Enough time is given for students to complete their work and projects in class.  Students should not PROCRASTINATE work deadlines for this class. This policy is followed strictly with limited exceptions as determined by the teacher.  Many of the activities are scheduled for certain days and students missing a class period may not be able to make-up an activity. 



    Computer Hardware and Software

    All students will be expected to take care of and respect all school computer hardware and software while in their use. Students will have access to hp computers, Robotic lab software and Lego Mindstorm Lego kits.  Damages to any computer equipment by a student will be charged to the student.  Students also understand that all software used for this course are the property of Iroquois School District and students are not allowed to make copies, share or change programs in any way.


    LEGO Mindstorm Kits


    Each Lego Mindstorm kit will be inventoried by each group before and after each quarter.  You as the student are responsible for all of the Lego pieces, parts, batteries, booklets and any other materials that are needed to complete your kit.  Any pieces lost or missing from your kit will be charges to you as the student.  Please be very careful of your Lego kits as they are expensive and can be costly to replace missing pieces.



    Students will be graded on the following:



    • Classwork                                 30%                        
    • Projects                                     40%               
    • Attendance / Participation       30%



    Each activity is assigned points and accumulates toward a point total.  The grade is calculated as follows from the total points:


                100% - 90%                A                                 69% - 60%                  D

                  89% - 80%                B                                 59% - Lower               F

                  79% - 70%                C


    Class work and Homework

    Most work is completed in class since we will be using computers, but some assignments will involve homework that includes reading.  Deadlines are given for all assignments; students should be aware of these and keep current with all work.  Late work is not accepted unless you have a school field trip, excused absence or it has been arranged with the teacher prior to deadline.


    Attendance Policies

    Students and parents are advised to be aware of the attendance policies that are found in the Iroquois High school policies as outlined in the Student handbook.  Students that are absent MUST make up the work on their own time and MUST schedule an appointment with the teacher in order to learn any new course-work (lectures) that they had missed in their absence.


    Student Responsibilities


    1.         Students are expected to be in their assigned seat with paper, pencil and other needed materials BEFORE the bell rings.

    2.         Come to class prepared.  Students who go to lockers or the restroom during the class period risk losing class information and may have to gain the information from                another student or for the teacher on their own time.

    3.         Students are expected to stay in their seat till the bell rings.  Standing by the classroom door is not allowed!

    4.         Students are responsible for their computer equipment.  Any problems – notify your teacher.


    Classroom Rules

    1.         Students are expected to pay attention and stay on task while in class.

    2.         Respect the computers, textbooks and classroom materials.

    3.         Respect your peers and others property.

    4.         Students are to stay in the programs taught in class and are not allowed to “SURF the Net.”

    5.          Food and drinks are NOT ALLOWED in the computer rooms!



    All school policies are followed in this classroom and enforced with the guidelines in the Iroquois CSD Student handbook.