• What are Opiods?
    Opiods are a class of drugs used to reduce pain.  Opiod alternatives include:
             > NSAIDS/Ibuprofen
             > Physical Therapy
             > Chiropractic Care
             > Yoga/Exercise
    What Types of Opiods are in our Community?
            Prescription Opiods
                       These drugs can be prescribed by doctors to treat moderate to severe pain,
                        but can also have serious risks and side effects. Common Types are:
                         •  Oxycodone (OxyContin)
                         •  Hydrocodone  (Vicodin)
                         •  Morphine
                         •  Methadone
                       Fentanyl is a synthetic opiod pain reliever.  It is many times more powerful than
                       other opiods and is approved for treating severe pain, typically advanced cancer
                       pain.  Illegally made and distributed, fentanyl has been combined with or sold as
                       herion in our region.
                       Heroin is an illegal opiod.  The same effect of prescription opiods and fetanyl
                       can be obtained through use of heroin.
    These substances are highly addictive.  With use, even with a
    doctor's prescription, everyone has the potential to get addicted.
    A total of 256 people in Erie County died of a fatal opiod overdose in 2015.
                NARCAN is an opiate antidote.  When a person is overdosing on an opiod,
                breathing can slow down or stop and it can be very hard to wake them from
                this state.  NARCAN is a prescription medicine that blocks the effects of opiods
                and reverses an overdose.  It cannot be used to get a person high. If given to a
                person who has not taken opiods, it will not have any effect on him or her. 
    NARCAN Training
                 The Erie County Department of Health conducts regular NARCAN/Naloxone
                  trainings that are free and open to the community, no questions asked.  Find the
                  next upcoming training at www.erie.gov/health.
    For more information on the Opiate Epidemic Task Force,
    contact the Erie County Department of Health
    at opiatetaskforce@erie.gov
    For more information on prescription opiods
    go to www.cdc.gov/drugoverdose/opiods
    Addictions Hotline
    (716) 831-7007
    24 hour
    Support - Link to Treatment - Referral
    *Information from Erie County Opiate Epidemic TASK FORCE pamphlet