• Practice makes Progress
    Weekly lessons and daily practice is key to being a successful and literate musician. Students in the music program here at Iroquois are required to come to weekly lessons and also practice daily.
    I recommend 15 - 20 min. for daily practice.
    When students come to their lesson they will receive a weekly lesson log, this log should be filled out during the week and signed before the next lesson. Students need to bring this lesson log back with them to receive full credit in their lesson that week. I have attached an extra copy so you are aware of what it looks like. Please be on the out look for it and also make sure that students are practicing effectively, not just to get the "time" in but really working on their goals and trying their best. 
    Here are some helpful practice tips:
    1. Set aside a daily time to devote to practice everyday, make it apart of your daily chores, homework or an appointment with your instrument.  
    2. Set a timer for that allotted time of practice that day, when it "dings" you are done.
    3. Have clear focused practice sessions - don't work on the material that comes easy, work on the hard sections and the things that you do not know. If you have a questions while you are practicing write it down and come see me the next day and we will go over it.
    4. Have someone at home listen to you while you practice. This could be your cat, your mom/day, friend or sibling.
    5. Have a mirror handy and practice in front of your mirror.
    6. Focus on your Weekly Goal and really work hard and achieving that goal!
    7. Have fun, playing an instrument is great and something you can always take with you where ever you go.