• Government and Civics

    Mr. Moch


    652-3000 ext. 7206



    It is your responsibility to arrive prepared everyday.  This includes having all materials and all assignments completed.

    A proper attitude is essential, I will not tolerate any blatant threat or disrespect to either myself or the other students in this room.
    Please communicate with me any special needs you may have or unforeseen circumstances that may arise as the semester progresses.



    - Two pocket folder

    - Pen/pencil/highlighter

    - Loose leaf paper

    - School issued Laptop



    Course Outline:

    Unit A- Philosophical Foundations and Comparative Perspectives

    - What are the purposes and principles of government, politics, and the law?

    Unit B- Citizen in Comparative Perspective

    - What are the roles and rights of citizenship?

    - How does someone become a citizen of the United States?

    Unit C- Citizenship, Participation, and the Electoral Process

    - Does your vote count?

    - How does the political party system enable choice and opportunity for participation?

    - How do you prepare yourself to vote?

    - Why would someone seek public office?

    - How do campaigns and elections enable choice and opportunities for participation?

    - How do you become a more effective media consumer?

    Unit D- Legal Obligations

    - Why are males ages 18-26 expected to register with the Selective Service?

    - What are the civic implications of taxation?

    - How should you respond to a call for jury duty?

    - What is the importance of the jury in a democratic system?

    Unit E- Public Policy and Political Participation

    - How do you find and evaluate information on public issues of interest?

    - Which government(s) should respond to a particular public policy issue?

    - How does the public policy process work?

    - How does the public policy process reflect the purposes, values, and principles of American democracy?

    - How do citizens become more involved in working on a public issue or for a political organization?


    Unit F- Legal Rights and Responsibilities

    - What are the legal rights and responsibilities of the individual in civic life, the workplace, and school?

    - How do legal rights and responsibilities change as you move about in the international arena?



    Homework and Quizzes = 40%

    Testsand Papers = 50%

    Final Exam= 10%


    - A large component of this class focuses on modern issues and current events.  For this reason you will be required to complete a weekly current events assignment that is due every Friday and counts as a homework grade and will be averaged as a test grade at the end of the marking period.  I will not except late articles.  It is imperative that you understand that you can fail this class if you do not turn these in!!!

    -Cheating and Plagiarism will not be tolerated in any way, shape, or form.  Should you be caught doing so you will receive a ZERO for that assignment with NO OPPORTUNITY for MAKEUP!!!!!! A referral will also be submitted to the administration and you will face further disciplinary action.

    -Please email me if you need assistance or need to inform me of anything that is hampering your ability to complete your work. I check it every night and on the weekends.