• Team Galileo Grading Policy:

                We have attempted to create a policy that presents an accurate assessment of student achievement while also providing the opportunity for students to reach their maximum educational potential.  We wanted to ensure that part of the student’s grades came from their class performance on items such as tests and quizzes, as these assessments are an important measure of the student’s academic performance.  We also felt that it was important to take into consideration the student’s performance on classroom and homework assignments.  Finally, we wanted to create a system that would reward hard work, dedication and effort while attempting to reinforce the importance student responsibility in the areas of preparedness and punctuality.

                Therefore our grading policy has been split into three different categories that make up the student’s final average.  They are as follows:


    • 45% of the student’s final average will come from tests, quizzes and other formal assessments which they will take from their individual subject teacher.
    • 45% of the student’s final average will come from both classroom and homework assignments which would include work such as written or reading assignments or projects.  These assignments will be written in their student planner and are expected to be turned by the due date given by the individual teacher.  If the student has not given a reasonable effort to complete the assignment as determined by the teacher and it is not turned in by the due date, the assignment is then considered late and will lose 25% of its value.  Late work will be accepted up until a certain date given by each individual teacher for that particular unit of study.  After that date, late assignments will not receive credit towards the student’s grade.
    • The final 10% of the student average will fall under a responsibility category.  All students begin the quarter with a responsibility grade of 100%.  Each classroom teacher will check that the students have all of the required supplies as well as any assignments that are due for that class session.  If students do not have their needed supplies or do not have their assignments completed to a reasonable degree or without reasonable effort as determined by the teacher, 5 points will be deducted from their responsibility grade for the quarter. 

               By creating and implementing a grading policy that is universal to all sixth grade teachers, we hope to provide your child with a clear understanding of the expectations at this grade level.  Our intention is to reward the students for both academic performance and effort, while promoting the importance of individual student responsibility towards their own education.  We encourage you to take a moment to review this policy with your child so that these expectations are understood.  As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions now or throughout the year should special circumstances arrive.  Please fill out and sign the portion below and return it with your child to school so that we know you have received this information.  Thank you!


    Your Sixth Grade Teachers of Team Galileo

    Erin Fultcher

    Amy Nicosia

    Chris Nowak

    Linda Whalen - Team Leader (Ext. 6101)