•  Viva Vibrato!
    Vibrato is an on going process. It requires patience and continued practice. While you are on your journey to learning vibrato it is important to understand and realize that each of you are different and you WILL get it eventually. You can not compare yourself to other people, but rather rejoice in the small accomplishments and press on toward the goal. You can and will be able to do this technique with careful and consistent practice.
    Some tips:
    1. Listen to some great instrumentalist to hear what vibrato sounds like. 
       - Hilary Hahn : Violin
       - Joshua Bell : Violin
       - Anne Sophie-Mutter : Violin
       - William Primrose : Viola
       - Kim Kashkashian : Viola
       - Yo-Yo Ma : Cello
       - Jacqueline Du Pres : Cello
       - Edgar Meyer : Bass
    2. Be Patient
    3. Record yourself and listen to what it sounds like. 
    4. Practice with a friend. 
    Here are some great videos to give you some helpful hints and suggestions on vibrato. Please make sure that you watch the right video for the instrument that you play. 
    Violin/Viola Vibrato
    Cello Vibrato
    Bass Vibrato
    Be Patient, Be Persistent, Be Positive!