• Homework Information
    It is not the intention of Team Goodall to assign a lot of homework while in the hybrid model of learning. However, there will be days where students will have tasks to complete at home, outside of school hours. More often than not this will be a task that students were asked to complete during class time but were unable to finish.   
    1. Visit the team HOMEWORK PAGE on a nightly basis to make sure your student is completing the correct tasks. If you are viewing this page on a mobile device it is highly recommended that you use one of your five free Microsoft Office downloads. For help downloading Microsoft Office click here and follow the link with detailed instructions.
    2. Help your student plan for long-term assignments by "chunking" the assignment into smaller tasks.
    3. Check the parent portal regularly for grades. Teachers will not necessarily update the portal on a daily basis but it will be updated often. Please allow ample time for large assignments (tests, research reports, projects) to be graded.
    4. If you student is absent from school, please remind them to check "Today's Agenda" in the content library of their OneNote notebook for each class. There they will find any tasks that they need to complete.
Last Modified on September 8, 2020