• Curriculum

    The art curriculum is based on the NYS Visual Art Standards and the National Core Art Standards. Check out some of the enduring ideas and guiding questions I use to frame your child's learning! Units are centered around Artistic Mediums including Drawing, Painting, 3D Art, Graphic Arts, Mixed Media Arts and Fiber Arts. Students will always be engaged in the creation, presentation, discussion, and cultural connections of art.


    Art Lesson Focus

    The students at Elma and Wales will not only create beautiful artwork but they will also build a life long appreciation for the visual arts. We often make real world connections in the art room discussing art careers that the students can excel in. We begin lessons by learning about famous artists throughout art history and Contemporary artists from today. We learn about various world cultures and the art they created to inspire our own art making. We use our own stories and experiences to create artwork that is meaningful to us.


    The Students Will...

    Throughout the elementary art program the students will learn about numerous art materials. We will learn about drawing materials including pencil, crayons, pastels, and oil pastels. We will learn how to paint using watercolors, tempera paints, tempera cakes, and acrylics. We will create mixed media collages using paper and found objects. We will build 3d sculptures out of clay. We will learn about graphic arts through printmaking and new technologies, and we will weave to learn about fiber arts.


    Interdisciplinary Art Making

    Whenever possible in the art room we create artwork that supports the core classroom. We will tie in Science, Math, English, Writing, and Social studies. Technology will be used often with the students taking photographs, researching photo references and creating digital art.