• Every Friday, you will be turning in a current events article and with discusion of relevance and interpretaion from newsela.com This is due every friday even if we do not have class on that particular friday or not.  This includes snow days.  These will be submitted to me via OneNote.  These articles should deal with United States goernmental policy, economic policy, foriegn relations, social issues, political happenings, law, or any combination of these.  You will provide the following:




    Original Source

    4-5 line synopsis of the article

    How does this article correspond to the discussion of civics and government 

    lastly and most important- Why should i care?  Tell me what the takeaway is.



     Civics 5 newzela code MJWB7P













    Civics 3- your class code is D6G9XS

    Civics 5-