5th grade BAND, ORCHESTRA and CHORUS: 

    Monday,  December 18th

    7:00 P.M.  Middle School Auditorium


    5th grade BAND and CHORUS:

    Tuesday , May 22  

            7:00 P.M.  Middle School Auditorium

    CONCERT ATTENDANCE: Other than illness or family emergency, it is expected that your child will participate in both concerts  (Dec. 18 and May 22)  as a requirement of band, orchestra and chorus.

    In event of a last minute emergency, please call me at school.  It is crucial that all members are present for a concert due to the important role EACH chorus member plays in the performance.


    Girls- Black skirt (KNEE LENGTH or longer) or dress pants (NO LEGGINGS unless under a skirt), Black stockings (NO BARE LEGS), white blouse (NO SLEEVELESS), sensible black shoes


    Boys- Black dress pants, button-down white shirt, tie, dark socks & dress shoes (NO SNEAKERS)

    Please contact me with any questions or concerns about concert dress.

    We hope to have a supply of childrens’ shoes to lend out if students have only sneakers.