In Public Speaking, students will learn how to speak in front of an audience and give a number of different types of speeches with confidence! Students will learn how to plan, research, compose, practice, and deliver speeches. You will learn about the different types of speeches and will deliver each one. You will study famous speakers and evaluate their styles of speaking. You will also study the process of communication to become a better listener and learner, and you will learn to communicate using verbal to non-verbal cues and techniques. Public speaking is an essential and fun skill to develop. Come to class with a positive attitude, the willingness to learn, contribute, and have fun!


    You will also:

    ·         study and evaluate significant speeches by famous speakers

    ·         watch films related to the content of the course

    ·         be tested regularly on the material

    ·         develop not only their public speaking skills, but also their listening and comprehension skills, on which you  will be graded.

    ·         study various forms media, read dramatically, and perform from dramatic selections, and read aloud famous speeches and monologues.

    Class Policy, Absences, and Assignments

    Come to class each assigned day

    Come to class on time

    Come to class prepared:  Bring your materials to class every day: books, paper, notebook, pen (blue or black ink only), pencil, and assignments due on that day. Speeches, presentations, quizzes, tests, and assignments are due on the due date. If you are not prepared, you will receive zero credit.

    Late assignments, presentations, and speeches are not accepted.

    If you are legally absent, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed when you were out. Work must be made up regardless the reason for the absence.

    Turn in assignments and deliver speeches upon your return.

    Tests and quizzes must be made up within two class periods.

    Truancy will result in a zero for the day and no make up work will be given.

    Students are to be respectful of their peers' ideas, speeches, and presentations.

    Students will refrain from any language or subject matter in their speeches, which is objectionable, such as profanity, vulgarity, etc. If you are questioning your material, please see me regarding the content of your speech.

    Pay attention in class and keep up with assignments. Students who fail usually do so due to failure to do assigned work.

    Work individually on all assignments unless otherwise directed by me. Do not copy anyone else's work; do not let anyone copy yours. Collusion, plagiarism, cheating, and copying will result in a zero and a detention.