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    Advanced Art Drawing and Painting I/Portfolio

    This course is 20 weeks-1/2 credit. Open to grades 11-12 this is an advanced level.

    *The prerequisite for this course is Drawing and painting.

    This course is an exploration in finding the meaning within the artwork through making personal connections. Emphasis will be placed on designing and creating art work from personal life experiences the student can relate to. The student will be introduced to new styles, and techniques for creating work as well as building on the foundations already aquired in drawing and painting. Students will discover innovative ways of interpreting subject matter into creative and expressive art. Within this class students will be building on skills and projects to continue to build on portfolio work.

    Part I of this course is an exploration and adventure...to find the meaning of the artwork through experimenting with new design concepts. making connection reflected in the various art elements and principles of design used in the composition of the art work. Your own personal ideas and experience's become discovered!

    Students will receive a syllabus upon starting the course.