• Introduction to Interior Design I



      Interior Design I: this is an intermediate class. The class will meet for 20 weeks, it is 1/2 credit and is open to students grades 10-12.*Before entering into Interior design I students should have earned a credit in either Creative crafts or Studio in Art.

    In this course students will gain a greater understanding/and skill of using elements of art and principles of design to create    elaborate living spaces and all that goes along with them. Students will design and create various interior room examples and   accessories while learning about the historical/social foundations of interior design.They will also have exposure to various career opportunities/events in the world of interior design. Various projects will encompass many design details and elements such as technology and it's crucial impact/place in interior design. (Pinterest page, blogs). Students will develop skills in 2-D renderings with various art materials and mediums such as space planning for sample rooms and floor plans, and design boards for clients.

    Students will receive a syllabus at the start of the class section.