Preparation for Class

  • Please bring the following materials to every MATH class:

    1. A pencil and eraser
    2. Your Chromebook [charged]
    3. A three ring binder
    4. Calculator - Texas Instrument: call# TI 30X IIS (or any equivalent calculator). I also have these available in the classroom. 
    5. A positive attitude and agenda! 


    Please bring the following materials to every ENGLISH class:

    1. A writing utensil
    2. Your Chromebook [charged]
    3. A three ring binder
    4. Your book
    5. A growth mindset and agenda! 



    Group discussions and collaborative activities will be a part of every class. Please be open to working with others and sharing your thinking! Your participation in class will count towards your grade.

Grading Policy

  • Homework assignments will be given periodically and will be posted on OneNote and the Seuss Team Homework page. A point will be deducted for each day an assignment is late unless advanced notification is given. Late work will not be accepted after the assignment has been graded and returned. If a student does not complete an assignment and it is reviewed in class that day, then they will not receive credit. 

    Tests and quizzes will be used to measure student progress. Students will be notified of tests five school days in advance to prepare.

    Extra credit will be provided to the entire class and not on an individual basis. Students will have opportunities to complete growth mindset reflections during each unit. The number of extra credit reflections and point values will vary based on each unit. 

    If a student is absent from class, it is their responsibility to find out what assignments or assessments they missed on the day of their absence. Homework must be submitted upon the day the student returns to school. Make-up assessments must be done during a free period, not class time.  

    All assignments will be scored by a point system. The percentage of the points earned out of the total possible points will yield a student's quarterly grade. All grades for class assignments and assessments will be posted to the parent portal.