• Course Description


    DDP(Design and Drawing for Production) (9141) Open to Grades 9-12
    40 weeks - 1 credit (Art or Tech credit)
    DDP is the foundation course required in an occupational sequence, or may be selected as
    an elective course that can be considered as a Technology or Art credit. This course
    provides the students with basic fundamentals of drafting techniques, including sketching,
    orthographic, and isometric. Students will learn to use a 3 dimensional design program to
    create a variety of projects to develop and enhance problem solving skills.
    STEM ROBOTICS (9140) Open to Grades 11, 12 20 weeks- 1/2 credit (currently not NCAA approved) Pre-Requisites: DDP, Principals of Engineering (POE) Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry recommended This is a beginning course in robotics. Students will be utilizing Lego Mindstorm kits, Robolab software and various Lego Robotics materials. The objective of this course is to introduce students to basic programming as well as problem solving strategies. This course will involve students in the development, building and programming of a LEGO Mindstorm robot. Students will work hands-on in teams to design, build, program and document their progress. Topics may include motor control, gear ratios, torque, friction, sensors, timing, program loops, logic gates, decision-making, timing sequences, propulsion systems and binary number systems. Student designed robots will be programmed to compete in various courses as developed by First Lego League. 

    Wood Lab Technology

    WOOD LAB TECHNOLOGY (9148) Open to Grades 9 - 12
    20 weeks – ½ credit
    Wood Technology is an all-purpose multifaceted course. Students will begin with an
    introduction to working with drawings and blueprints, working with hand tools, and power
    tools and gain general knowledge of wood. Projects will vary from working drawings driven
    projects, to students designing their own projects.

    Production Systems

    PRODUCTION SYSTEMS (9126) Open to Grades 9 - 12
    20 weeks- ½ credit
    Pre-requisite: Wood Technology
    Production Systems is a ½ unit course providing instruction in the systems of manufacturing
    and construction; their resources, processes, products, and quality assurance. The impact
    on society, the economy, and the environment are topics that are also covered in the course.

    Digital Photography

    DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY (9071) Open to Grades 9 - 12
    20 weeks - 1/2 credit
    A 1/2-unit course designed to expand students’ understanding of the Digital photographic medium and its role in society. Students are introduced to general terminology, operating procedures, career opportunities, and selected developments in technology/art that have made the field of photography important. A focus is on the processes involved in digital 
     images and enhancing them through the use of a computer for print or other applications.


    Principals of Engineering Open to Grades 10 & 12
    40 weeks - 1 credit
    (Prerequisite: DDP)
    A 1-unit integrative, hands-on, laboratory-based course which introduces students to concepts of engineering (ethics, design, modeling, optimization systems, technology/society interactions). These concepts are applied to solving problems contained in "real world" case studies. Case study abstracts relate to auto safety computer automation and control, energy, communications, structural design and designing technology for people with disabilities.