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  • The following scholarship information has been received in our office. We do not endorse any of the organizations. It is important that Seniors adhere to deadline dates. Essays should be drafted, edited, rewritten and proofed before submission. If transcripts are required, students should allow a minimum of 5 - 10 school days for processing. Letters of recommendation writers should be given ample time to compose their letters as well. Keep in mind that the Student Support Services office is closed during Thanksgiving, Christmas, winter and Easter breaks, as well as other holidays that school is not in session. Also, snow days, staff development days, illness, etc can delay processing. Please plan accordingly and give ample time for transcript and application processing.

    *If a scholarship requires an official transcript and/or school official's signature, they should be turned into our office and we will provide this information and the entire packet will be mailed out by us.


                                             Applications are to be turned in by the end of the day, 2:30 pm, to not be considered late



    Important Note:
    If you see $ Local $ in the front of the scholarship's name, you have a better chance of being awarded the scholarship. These are local organizations that award their scholarships in local schools. They are in the beginning.

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  • Check college websites for their scholarship opportunities!!

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