Athletic Placement Process:



    Important Note: The APP process is only for Middle School students who want to try out for a JV or Varsity Sport

    Only medical approval by the school district physician is required for Tanner Stage 1-5. If a student has been processed through the APP screening procedure and participated in the 7th grade, the process would not have to be repeated in the 8th grade as long as they remain at the same level of athletic competition in the same sport category.


     Registration for APP testing is for Spring Sports closes on 4/26 at Noon.

    All athletes interested require approval by Dr. Erickson before completing the fitness portion.

    Due to the paperwork process for Dr. Erickson's approval, no exceptions will be made for anyone that misses this deadline.

    The fitness test portion is currently scheduled for the first day of the season.

    Separate approval is required for each sport you are interested in.  Please sign up again even if you already passed in a previous season.


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