• Crew jobs can range from back stage jobs like sound or lighting to business jobs like design, tickets, and concessions.  The level of time commitments varies widely as well.  Some jobs can be done mainly from home, some require daily rehearsal attendance, and everything in between.  Some jobs are only needed for a given amount of time, like November/December, January, the week of the show, or show days.  Attendance is required for all crew members the week of the show (January 18th-21st) AND on show days (Weekend of January 21st).

     Many students apply for crew and, typically, only 20-25 are needed.  Crew members are selected by the advisors based on teacher recommendations and previous experience.


    To apply for a crew position please use the link below and fill out the online form.  Please remember that your application is not complete until the Crew Info form is signed by you and your parent/guardian.  

    Crew Info Form


    Drama Club Crew Application

Last Modified on October 21, 2021