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    Hello Chiefs!! 



    It is certainly an unusual start to our season, but we won't let that stop us from being our best!  Check in here each day for a workout to keep you in shape and on your toes!  


    April 22

    Today is EARTH DAY!!


    It's the 50th anniversary of Earth Day :) 


    Today, after your warm-ups and stretches, go for a 15-20 minute run and just enjoy the fact that we live in a place with no smog, and clean water!!  As you run, take a look around you .  If you see trash along the road, go back after your run and pick some of it up.  :)

    A few accelerations and some core work, and you'll be all set to have a GREAT day!!


    Stay Awesome, my friends!

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    April 9

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    Today will be an 'easy' run day.  Warm-up, stretch, drills, then ejoy a 15 minute run.  As you run, focus on your FORM, your ARM position, and having fun.

    After, please pick your favorite CORE workout and go for it!!

    Building base; building strength; building speed!!

    Have a GREAT day!!


    April 8

    It's a good day for a run!  At least it's a good day for some fresh air!  For today, please do your warm-up routine:  warmup-stretch-drills.

    After that, please do (4) 400 mter runs, with accellerations at the last 100m.    Finish up with 2 x100 meter at top speed.

    End with a nice easy cool down :)

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    April 2

    Track and field Memes

    Good morning!  

    It feels like a 'drill' day.  Today I would like you to practice starts again.  Since you probalby don't have blocks at your house, you can substitute a 3pt start instead.  If you arent' sure what that is, go to this video:


    You should continue with a 40 yard dash after your start.  LETS GET EXPLOSIVE!!!

    So, warm up, stretch, drills, then starts!  do 10 with right foot forward, then 10 with left.  Once you figure out which foot gives you the most explosive start speed, do 10 more starts with that food forward.

    Have some fun with it!

    Then some strides (4) and a cool down.

    Enjoy the day!!!!!!

    April 1

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    It's a great day!

    For today, a recovery run is in order!  Still do your warm up, stretches and drills,

    Then go for a lovely relaxing 15 minute recovery run.  (you can go longer if you feel like it! I would)

    Make sure to do 3-4 accelarations after your run, so your fast twitch muscles remember what they are supposed to do.

    Sometime today, do some CORE work.   You can do one of the core workouts from previous days, or you can do one on  your own :)

    Enjoy and have a great day!!




    It's March 31 - Tuesday :)

    I hope you are all doing well and staying in condition!

    It's a good day for a workout - a little drizzly, but not to cold, so let's DO IT!!

    Start with a warm-up and stretches (of course)

    Then do your drills - do three sets, becasue they are good for you!


    3x 100 meter runs at about 80%

    3x 200 Meter runs at about 85%

    3x100 meter runs at about 85%

    2x400 meter runs at about 80%

    3x100 meter runs at about 85-90%

    3-5 minute rest between

    Finish with strides, backwards runs and a cool down.

    Have some fun with it!!

    I miss you all and can't wait till we area "Back on Track!"  (see what I did there?  haha)


    It's March 26...Must be a WORKOUT DAY!!!

    And it's a perfect day for it!

    Naturally you know to start with warm-ups and stretching.  Then, of course, DRILLS.  Make sure to do them EXTRA well, since it's a workout day and you don't want to get injured.  After your warm-up, stretch, drills, here's what you can do:

    1.  In and outs:   100 m sprint, then 100 m walk, etc. 5 times, getting faster with each one.  Make the LAST one a 200 M SPRINT and by sprint I mean FAST.

    2.  2, x 500 Meter:  70% on first 400, then 80% on last 100  - rest 5-10 between  *** if you are a 100 m sprinter see below

    3. 2 x 200 Meter:  75% walk 50 m rest between

    4.  4 x 40 meter: FAST as you can!  50 m rest between.

    *** for 100 meter sprinters:  Instead of doing 2 x 500 meters (number 2 above) please do 2 x 300 meters, 70% on first 200 and 80% on last 100.  Still do the last 200 sprint.

    Then cool down and some strides.

    Keep working guys!!!!   You are mighty, you are strong and you are FAST!!

    Have a fabulous day :)

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    March 25 Wednesday

    Good Morning!!

    If you have been following the planst this week, you may be ready for a rest day.  Especially after the hills of yesterday!  So for today, Do your warm-ups and some really good stretching, then do your usual drills, and go for a nice recovery run for about 15-20 minutes.  Enjoy it!

    After, do 5 accellerations, to remind your fast twitch muscles how to work.


    Then - go back to the core workout from one week ago (the 18th)

    Enjoy the day!!

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    March 24

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    Good Morning!  It's going to be a pretty mild day, so let's take advantage of it :)

    For today, after you do your warm-up, stretch and DRILLS,

    RUN!  Find a nice hill and do hill repeats today.  The secret to making hill repeats work for you

    is to USE YOUR ARMS,   KEEP YOUR HEAD UP, looking streight ahead,

    sprint up the hill.   Depending on how long the hill is, do about 8-12 repeats. 

    *** do not stop at the top!  Run through for at least 10 meters.

    *** Be STRONG   Be TOUGH and get it done!!

    do a hefty cool down after.

    Then eat some ice cream.  And if you do, tell me what kind!

    Have a great day guys - I miss you all!!


    March 23

    CORE DAY!!

    Let's have some fun today

    Warm-up, stretch and do drills.

    Have an easy run, then do a few accelerations :)


    20 Air squats between each exercise

    15 pushups

    Air squats

    bicycles one minute

    air squats


    air squats

    15 pushups

    air squats

    one minute plank

    air squats

    leg lifts

    and last air squats.

    BURN those quads!!

    Then stretch!



    March 21

    It's the weekend! 

    It's perfect running weather, so at some point this weekend, let's have a workout! 

    As always, begin with warm-ups, stretches, and DRILLS

    ** If you are a 100-200 meter runner, let's so some repeats!

    5 - 100 meter runs at 90-95% with 2 min between

    Full recovery then...

    5 200 meter runs at 90-95% same 2 min recovery.

    Full recovery, then,,,

    Finish with only 2 100 meters, as fast as you can go!

    Have some fun with it!!

    When you are done make sure to do a cool  down of at least 10 minutes



    For my 200-400 meter runners, you get some fun too!

    After warm-ups, stretches and drills,

    4 - 200 meters at 90-95 %  (2 min between)

    Full recovery, then,,,,

    4 - 400 meters at 90-95% 3 min between

    Full recovery then,,,

    2-200 meters, as fast as you can go!  (2 min rest inbetween)

    Make sure to do at least 10 minutes cool down,

    Have some fun with it!!

    Run like the wind!

    I miss you all and can't wait to get back to torturing you in person!!






    Thursday, March 19

    It's going to be beautiful out today, so let's go for an 'interval' run (aka fartlek). 

              *  warm-up

              * stretch

              * DRILLS

              3 minutes easy; 30 second pickup (85-90%); 3 minutes tempo;30 second pickup; etc.  at least 6 cycles, but more if you feel like it, because it's so lovely out.  I like to use telephone poles, or driveways, as cues for pickups, but it's more consistent if you use a watch.

              * When you are done, do a few strides and accelerations, and have a FANTASTIC rest of the day!!

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    Wednesday, March 18

    What a beautiful day to run!!!!   Enjoy it with a 15 minute easy run!  (After your drills - Always do the drills!!)

    After your run, do some Strides and accelerations.  

    Today I would like you to practice 3 pt. starts, and I want you to do 10 starts beginning with your right foot, then 10 beginning with your left foot.  5 sets of 10 starts, until you can tell for sure which foot you should be pushing off the blocks with.  (You don't have blocks today, I know, but you can still practice pushing off ) after your start, run about 10-15 yards; just enough to see how it feels.    If you are not sure what 3pt starts are, just look for a youtube video - they are everywhere.

    After you do that, at some point today, get a core workout in. 


    15 pushups

    50 crunches

    1 min plank

    40 leg lifts

    1 min twists

    30 in/outs

    15 pushups

    * Do this series 3 times.






    Tuesday March 17

    Happy St, Paddy's day!!!

    I have two different workouts for you - one for 100-200 m runners, and one for 400 meter runners.  I am also listing your warm-ups so you don't leave any out.  :) I know how much you enjoy them!


    Workout for 100-200:                                                                                            Workout for 400 m runners

         *  three 30 meter at 50%                                                                                  *  three 200 meters at 80 %

         * three 30 meter at 75%                                                                                   * three 450 meters at 80%

         * 1 - 300 meter at 80%                                                                                     *  three 200 meters at 80%

         *  1- 200 meter at 80 %                                                                                     --------- one minute rest between

         * 1- 100 meter at 80 %

    ---1 minute rest between distances; 4 minute rest between sets.  (2 sets)             **** strides (at least 5)

        * 1 - 100 meter

         * 1 - 200 meter

         * 1 - 100 meter

    ----- one mile cool down



                - A - skips

              - B skips


              Quick leg - right and left




              Bench Runs


    Mostly, just try to stay in shape and get stronger.  Email me if you have any questions.



    For today, Monday, the 16th, please get a good run in.  Make it an interval day - 15 minute run, with 1 minute pickpus every 4 minuts.  Make sure to warm up and stretch, and then do some strides at the end.  Also, at some point today, work on your core.  Try this one:  10 pushups - 50 crunches - 10 pushups - 1 min twists - 10 pushups - 1 min plank - 10 pushups - 50 leg raises - 10 pushups.  You got this!!