•                                              New Yor State Mandates


    Amount of Required Physical Education: New York mandates at least 120 minutes of physical education per week in grades K-6, but does not require daily recess. Students in grades K-3 must have daily physical education, and students in grades 4-6 must have physical education at least three times per week. The state also mandates at least 90 minutes per week of physical education in grades 7-12 and requires all schools, including high schools, to provide physical education to all students. At the secondary level, this must be provided at least three times per week in one semester and two times per week in the other semester.

    High School Graduation Requirements: The state requires students to earn 2.0 physical education credits for graduation.

    Substitutions: The state permits school districts or schools to allow students to substitute interscholastic sports for their required physical education credits. However, each student must first demonstrate appropriate levels of knowledge, skills and physical fitness.

    Exemptions/Waivers: Exemptions are not allowed. However, a student who has completed all other requirements to graduate in less than eight semesters does not have to return to complete the remaining physical education requirement.

    State Standards: The state has developed its own standards for physical education, with which all school districts must comply. The Learning Standards of New York State: Physical Education Learning Standards were last revised in 1996, and is currently cycling through reviews. [See State Standards for Physical Education chart for details.]

    State Curriculum: The state does not require the use of specific curricula for elementary, middle school/junior high or high school physical education. School districts have the option of using any curriculum, including commercial options, which meet specific guidelines set by the state.

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