• Reproduction and Development

    Part 1 – Meiosis, Sexual vs Asexual Reproduction

    Week of April 20th – April 24th


    **  All Resources can be found in the Reproduction and Development Folder in Teams.  This folder is found under Class Materials (in Files).


    Essential Question:  How are eggs across species both similar and different?


     Comparing egg structure and function across species

    In this activity, students generate observations and compare egg structure and function across species in order to identify differences and similarities (including the haploid nature of gametes).


    Day 1 – Monday, April 20th

    1. Students should download the Egg Comparison Graphic Organizer.  You will fill this graphic organizer in as you complete the activity.
    2. Students should then open the Egg Exploration Resources Document. Go through the Videos and the Informative texts for the different species groups (Bird, Reptile, Fish, and Human).  As you review these resources, fill in the Egg Comparison Graphic Organizer. 
    3. If you would like further information about reproduction in these organisms, explore the Other texts and resources.
    4. Optional – Hands on Egg Dissection. If you have a chicken egg at home and would like to complete this activity, you may do so in a small dish or bowl.  Remember to either wear gloves while conducting the dissection or to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards, as raw eggs have the potential of harboring Salmonella.




    Essential Question: How do all sexually reproducing organisms generate an ovum with half the chromosome number of a body cell?


    Day 2 – Tuesday, April 21st

    1. Read Section 11.4 in your Textbook (Meiosis).  If you do not have your textbook at home, I have attached an online copy in the Reproduction and Development Folder on Teams.  It is Called Textbook Chapter 11.  Remember to read ONLY Section 11.4
    2. Complete the Meiosis POGIL activity. This activity is found in the Reproduction and Development Folder in Teams
    3. Check you answers with the Meiosis POGIL Answer Key that is in the Reproduction and Development Folder in Teams.




    Day 3 – Wednesday, April 22nd

    1. Watch at least one of the videos on Meiosis:
      1. Lecture Based - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16enC385R0w (Bozeman Science)
      2. Animated - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzDMG7ke69g (Amoeba Sister)


    1. Go through the animation of Meiosis at: http://www.sumanasinc.com/webcontent/animations/content/meiosis.html
      1. Open the questions that go along with the animation.  The questions are in the Meiosis Animation word document that is found in the Reproduction and Development Folder.
      2. As you go through the animation, answer the questions.





    Essential Questions:  How are asexual and sexual reproduction similar? Different?  What are the benefits and drawbacks of both sexual and asexual reproduction?


    Day 4 - Asexual vs Sexual Reproduction – Thursday, April 23rd

    1. Complete the Asexual vs Sexual Reproduction Activity at https://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/basics/reproduction/
    2. Miss Ferguson will be going over the Reproduction and Development Power Point on Thursday, April 23rd at 9:30 am.


    Day 5 – Explain what you know – Friday, April 24th

    1. Complete the Reproduction and Development Assessment 1.  You should download this document from the Assignments section of our Teams.  Complete the assignment.  This assignment will be due on Sunday, April 26th by 11:59 pm.