Teacher Name: Colleen McCoy
    Phone Number: 716-652-3000x7210
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    March 17
    Dear Students,
    It is a brand new day with brand new challenges to conquer!  As we move forward from this point, please check the web page for your class.  Every day I will have something there just for you!  Sometimes I will direct you to onenote, and sometimes I will have something else in mind, but please check each day for  your challenge of the day.  Each one of you has your own way of completing things and scheduling your days, and the beauty of online learning is that you can do things when it is most convenient for you.  Please, however, make sure to check in each day and complete the work I provide.  I promise it will not be 'busy work,' and that it will be beneficial for our course and for your plans for the end of the year.  It is exciting to think of the new things we will learn!!  And the ways we will learn them!  AP World, we have a "meme of the day" contest going, and so far Tyler Huber is in the lead!!! 
    As always, don't hesitate to email or remind text if you have any questions.
    March 16 -
    *  And the Learning goes on!  Please check in with the link for your class.  I have been discovering some great resources online, and we can take advantage of them!  If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to send an email - I will be checking in frequently.
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    Supply List:  
    All classes will be responsible for the following supplies within the first week of school.
       * 1 - 3 subject notebook
       * 1- 2 inch binder
       * 1 - folder (may be within the binder)
       * Pens, pencils, paper
       * 1 - box of tissues
    AP Only:
       *  Highlighters (5 colors)
       *  3x5 notecards 
    If you have any trouble acquiring the supply list, please notify me as soon as possible. 
     *** REMIND 101
             I would strongly recommend you sing up for remind 101 for our classes.  I will use this regularly to remind you of assignments due, or if there is a change in plans.  There is a unique code for your specific class or club. 
                                   Text the code for your class or club TO number 81010 
                     AP World History-  @6cfega
                     AP Art History-  @7f9chca
                     US History-  @f3ba9d7
                     Global 10 -   @88b43h
                     Masterminds-  @bc266a
                     Key/CIA -  @d3ga34
                     UGDG - you must attend a meeting to get the code
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