• Welcome to Speech & Language!
    I provide speech & language services to Iroquois students at the high school level, and help out at the Intermediate/Middle School as needed. I've included descriptions of some of the services provided at each level in the Syllabus section of this web site, and information on how to address concerns that your child may have needs in the area of speech & language, accessible through the corresponding links on the left.
    I am excited to be returning as a co-advisor to the High School Diversity Club for  the 2021-2022 school year. I work with Diversity Club and our C-RAD (Coalition to Recognize and Address Diversity) which we do in partnership with Starpoint and Sweet Home High Schools, schedule service builds for student participation in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity, and am also the coordinator for Iroquois' participation in the BAND Against Bullying/Banding All Needs of Dignity performing arts event. Mrs. Renee Reedhardt works with the GSA portion of Diveristy Club. Mrs. Nicole Drechsel and I are the advisors for this year's sophomore  class/class of 2024.  I am also the advisor for Ski&Snowboard Club, through Community Education. There are links to the left for further information about each of these things.
    Please feel free to contact me either by phone or by email if you have any questions or concerns about your child's speech & language needs, Diversity Club, C-RAD, BAND, Ski&Snowboard Club, or are seeking sophomore class information. 
    Judi Slowik
    Judith A. Slowik, M.S.Ed., CCC-SLP, TSSLD
    Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist
    Iroquois Central School District
    Diversity Club Advisor
    Freshman Class Advisor
    Ski Club Advisor
    HS/District BAND Against Bullying Coordinator
    Office:  Room 190                                                                                                                                          
    Phone/Voicemail:  652-3000 x7754
     "We should not let the pursuit of impossibly perfect solutions be the enemy of our ability to do a lot of good."    ~Clarence Page