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    Contact info:
    Mrs. Diane Campbell
    716-652-3000 (Middle school) ext. 6313
    E-mail: dcampbell@iroquoiscsd.org

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    About Me!

    I teach Art at the Middle School for grades 6, 7 and 8. This allows me to participate in the creative growth of my students over several years. I love being a part of this transitioning time because it allows me to see the students grow into fantastic artists.
    I have been teaching for 26 years after graduating with a masters degree from Buffalo State College. Although I became a teacher later in my life, my artistic skills were apparent since I was very young. At the age of 2, my first canvas was a brand new couch that I completely covered with a purple crayon. Although I was proud of my hard work, my parents were not too happy! Like many artists over the years, when I started to create art on paper and canvas, my parents were very supportive. My favorite medium to work in is pencil. I also enjoy ceramics.
    Teaching allows me to constantly be inspired by the fresh ideas of students. I am always amazed at their view of the world. These inspirations often lead me to connect community, personal experiences, and creativity to many different art forms. I feel it is important for individuals to give to others in whatever means possible, and for me that is through art.