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     Welcome to Elma Primary PTO!
     We are happy to support our students, teachers and administration
    to make Elma Primary the best school it can be.
     Elma Primary PTO is committed to our students, staff and parents and to growing a stronger community.  What does growing a stronger community mean?  It means recommitting ourselves to our school.  Working with administration, teachers and parents.  Making our school the best it can be!  Growing and changing to accommodate today's families and the school community.  
    Giving back.  Helping out.  Getting input.  
    Creating community.  Making community.  Growing community.  
    Inside our school and outside of our school.  Join Us!  
    PTO OFFICERS 2022-2023
    Feel free to contact any of our Board Members via email or telephone.  Find us at the meetings, in the halls, on Facebook, or on the phone or via email.  Board members' telephone numbers can be obtained through the school office.



     Bonnie Locking

     Kristina Biagiotti


    Brittany Farquhar 
    Jennifer Laslovich