Speech/Language Pathologist: Donna Garas
    Phone Number: 652-3000 (ext.4111)
    E-mail Address: dgaras@iroquoiscsd.org

    Speech and Language Therapy Services
    Welcome to Speech and Language Services
    at Wales Primary!
    Many people don't realize that "speech therapy" doesn't involve just working on "speech sounds," but addressing a wide range of language and learning issues.  Language is developed early in life.  In fact, the simple act of your baby smiling at you is one of the signs of your child's language development.  Your child's eye contact and imitation of sounds are also important signs.  Language continues to develop until we are adults.  This is why parents are so important for language development.  Interaction and conversation during everyday activities are the keys to excellent language skills.  Talk to your child about everything, and they will talk back!  Here are some tips for language-learning in the home.
    *Talk to your child during meal time, while driving in the car, bathing, dressing, cleaning, shopping, and watching television.  Ask your child to label or describe the objects in his/her environment.
    *Ask your child questions about what they did in school or during a play date.  Sequencing language helps with vocabulary retention, reading readiness and math skills.
    *Keep a calendar, journal or scrapbook with your child.  Have your child be aware of upcoming holidays, birthdays, school activities and other important events.  This adds to their knowledge of their environment and allows for good conversation.
    *Your language is the model for your child's speech and language, so encourage conversations that are age appropriate and use social graces such as "please" and "thank you" which will help your child gain their wants and needs in the classroom and in life.
    *Be proud of your accomplishments with your child!  Research proves that parents know best when it comes to their own child's language development. 
    Donna Garas
    Licensed Speech/Language Pathologist