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     Marilla Primary
    Physical Education 
    Dear Marilla Primary Students and Families,
    Our Primary Physical Education Department is working close together to come up with fun and exciting activities to accommodate ALL students.  Whether you are doing the Hybrid or 100% remote learning we will meet the needs of everyone safely and effectively.  Physical activity is important for everyone!  
    If you are taking part in the hybrid schedule, then please refer to the "Monthly Calendar" section for some fun and exciting exercises you can do while you are home virtually learning.  The days that the students are in school, they will engage in activities that will focus on individual skills rather than team sports while maintaining a safe 12 feet apart from others.  Masks must be worn the entire time in PE with periodic mask breaks.  
    If you are a 100% remote learner then please refer to the "Monthly Calendar" each day.  I will also be sending home a weekly email to the 3rd-4th grade students in the district to see if anyone has any questions or concerns.  There may even be an invite each month to eat lunch with me virtually so we can talk and catch up (so be on the lookout for an invite).
    It is important to get up and move throughout the day to get the blood flowing.  It keeps our bodies healthy, our minds active and our emotions more balanced.  This is supposed to be a stress reliever not a stress creator, so please have fun!
    As always, I thank you for your support during this challenging time while continuing educational growth.
    Enjoy being active as a family and stay healthy.
    Love- Mrs. Peresan

    Teacher Name: Jill Peresan
    Phone Number: 652-3000 ext. 3095
    E-mail Address: jperesan@iroquoiscsd.org

    Grade: K - 4th