• Welcome to the Parent Portal page!


    Please read the guide for step by step directions for Parents and Guardians to login and access student(s) information.  You must enter "your name" for parent information NOT the student's name.  Also please be careful to check for misspelling of names and all information.  All children in your household who attend Iroquois should be entered for student information requested with their student ID number. 
    Important Message: 
    • 48 hours after you create the account it will be active if all submitted information exactly matches the eSchool Data records. 
    • Each parent/guardian can have an account for ALL students in household - not individual accounts for each student.
    • Only 1 email address per parent is allowed.
    • You will NOT receive an email indicating the account is verified and active. 
    After viewing the guide click on the link below to access the: