Tomahawk Student Newspaper

    Advisor: Mrs. Cantie

    TheTomahawk Student Newspaper is a school publication featuring original student journalism. Students are required toseek out intriguing and engaging topics for their 14-18 year-old audience, research evidence through credible sources, conduct interviews, and write an objective article in journalistic style. Students go through an extensive editing process in order to see theimportance of revision in their work. The Tomahawk is open to all student writers and is also a major requirement for students in the Journalism course. Printed copies are produced on campus and an electronic version is always available on the district website.

    For the past several years, Iroquois students’ articles have been published in the Elma Review and East Aurora Adverstiser. This wonderful opportunity to work with local publications not only demonstrates the power of citizen journalism and communication, but it also creates community in the local area.
    Any student interested in writing for The Tomahawk can see Mrs. Cantie in room 215.