Welcome to the Iroquois Central Schools Transportation Information Site!
    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Middle School student drop-off location for 5th through 8th grades

    All non-bus transportation students being dropped-off by personal vehicle use entrance #4 and follow signage to the student drop off area (see map below).  If DROP-OFF area is currently full, keep student in the vehicle until you can move into the drop off zone.

    Drop Off  

    We are located at the north end of the Iroquois Central Campus.  Our address is 2111 Girdle Rd., Elma, New York 14059. Our phone numbers are 716-652-3000 ext. 8001 or 716-652-5130.  Our FAX number is 716-805-7044.

    Transportation is provided for all of the children in the Iroquois Central School District attending both public and non-public schools. Requests for transportation to Private/Parochial Schools are due by April 1st preceding the start of the next school year.                                     

    The school does not encourage students to drive cars or motorcycles to school unless transportation is needed in an emergency or for after school employment.

    The transportation of students, from home to school and from school to home, is a major function of the school district operation.  Approximately 2,100 district students are being transported to 45 different schools daily. Achieving this transportation in a safe and efficient manner requires the cooperation of the entire community.


    Motorists are advised to:

    1.      Be alert to the presence of school buses on the highway.

    2.      Exercise caution when approaching a school bus from either direction.

    3.      Watch closely for signals given by the bus driver, including hand signals, amber lights, red lights, and turn signals.  Remember: No traffic should move from either direction when red flashing lights on the bus are operating.  This also includes when busses are loading and unloading at the school.  

    4.      Stop their vehicles when coming from either direction before reaching a stopped school bus, which has flashing red lights.  Allow students to cross the road and wait until the flashing red lights are turned off. 

    5.      Be aware that school buses come to a full stop at railroad crossings.

    6.      Prepare to stop when approaching from either direction, a school bus whose amber lights are flashing.

    7.      Be aware that school buses do not turn right at intersections when the light is red.


                Students are advised to:

    1.       Be at designated bus stop FIVE minutes before pickup time.

    2.       Follow the rules posted in the bus.

    3.       Be familiar with the “Danger Zones” in the following diagram:


                       Danger Zones



    Daily Bus Schedules – Daily transportation is provided as required by board policy.  Pickup times are routinely within a 10 minute window.  It is recommended that your child arrive at the bus stop five minutes prior to the scheduled time.  Please have children at their assigned stop and ready to board bus when the bus arrives.  Children not at their designated stop will not be picked up.  Buses cannot wait for children that are not at the designated stop, regardless of inclement weather conditions.