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  •      Welcome to Wales Primary Physical Education! We are located in a small town in the outskirts of Buffalo, NY and reside within the district of Iroquois CSD.  Our district and school focuses on engaging and maintaining a strong community connection.  We value and incorporate respect, grit, dedication, honesty, and promote growth in all areas to create growth from within our community.  In physical education, we harness and demonstrate these characteristic traits throughout the school year.  Not only do we focus on sport, but play and group collaboration activities that don't necessarily support winning, but working together to achieve a goal. 

         Yearly events that promote fun and laughter are:

              - PLAY 60                             - Grinch Day/Christmas Movie w/ Lights          - Stanley Cup               - Field Day

              - Pumpkin Run                      - Health and Wellness Week                           - Kangaroo Club

              - Halloween Gym Setup         - Jump Rope For Heart                                   - Milege Club

              - Hoedown                            - DISCO bowling                                           - Bison's Day

         As a Physical Education teacher, I value the connection made between students through physical fitness, game, and play.  I have a strong believe that maintaining physical fitness is not only important for yourself, but for your family and community as well.  My educational background supports a Bachelor's Degree in Science from SUNY Cortland, along with a dual certificate for teaching Health and a Master's degree from Buffalo State in Special Education 7-12.  Prior to the Iroquois district, I have taught in a wide range of social and economic locations including out of state.  In support of my teaching experience, I have taught full-time during the Summer curriculum at Erie 1 BOCES.  My coaching background has encompassed many sports while ranging in many age groups.  My current coaching assignments are JV Boys Soccer and the assistant to Mod/JV/Varsity Track and Field.

         With being a 2nd year PE teacher in the district, I couldn't have chosen a better district to work for.  The collaboration and cooperation between teachers is undeniabliy whitnessed and continues to grow our future endevours. I am looking forward to many more years to come at the Iroquois CSD. 


    Stay Healthy,

    Mr. Weiss 

    716-652-3000 xt 4095     

    Iroquois CSD Physical Education Teacher