• Mr. Barker's Technology Classes!!!

    Tech classes at Iroquois High School are back

    We will be offering a variety of different courses in this revamped program.

    From engineering to programming to traditional tech, and so much more.

    We are working to bring this program up to one of the premier technology departments in WNY. 

    In doing so that means expanding the wide range of courses we offer. Currently, we offer 6 tech courses (listed below).

    With growing the program, we will look to add more courses that continue to cover engineering, programming, and traditional skills,

    But we will be looking to expand into architecture and media production, along with any other courses that will set our students up for success.

    This past summer our program received a brand new CNC machine that will be providing the students with firsthand experience with something that is commonly used in industries worldwide. This will be used in conjunction with a multitude of other tools, machinery, technology, and programs to provide the students with a well-rounded, enjoyable experience that will set them up for their next phase in education. 


    For this academic year we are offering; Drawing & Design for Production*, Mobile App Development, Principles of Engineering, and STEM Robotics.

    *DDP is recommended before taking the other courses


    Other courses that students will be able to sign up for starting the 2022/2023 school year ;

    - Construction Systems (Wood Tech)

    - Production Systems (Manufacturing)