The ISP program at Iroquois offers students a reinforcement program to assist them in their coursework.  Students in the 11th grade receive direct instruction and review from Ms. Sadowski and Mr. Lauber in the following core subjects.  We co-teach in the classroom setting for the following state mandated subject areas.



    ü     U.S. History and Government & Geometry  (Mr. Lauber)

    ü     English 11  (Ms. Sadowski)





    1.  Students are pre-taught information for their coursework.


    2.  Students receive direct assistance in U.S History, English and Math.


    3.  Students review all material presented in the core class.


                      4.   Students receive assistance in preparation of assignments and required work

                                  for the core classes.


    5.   Students prepare for assessments through review and study skills.


    6.   Any subject area which requires remediation or assistance is additionally addressed in ISP.


    7.    Maintenance of accommodations and requirements for individual students.


    8.        Monitor completion of all curriculum goals and objectives.



    Contact Information: 


    Mr. Lauber:   slauber@iroquoiscsd.org

    Ms. Sadowski: dsadowski@iroquoiscsd.org



    Phone- 652-3000;  Lauber – ext 7240;   Sadowski – ext 7240