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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Statement: Superintendent and Board of Education

We’re excited to share with you the Iroquois Central School District Strategic Plan, a community and district collaboration that is designed as a roadmap for our future.

The Strategic Plan was born out of a recognized need to define the vision and goals of our Iroquois community. A dedicated group of more than 40 volunteers — including Board Members, administrators, faculty, parents, students, and community members — came together as the Core Team to identify that vision, as well as the goals and objectives that will help us achieve it. 

To do so, the Core Team used survey data, feedback, and input from a variety of sources. They identified three fundamental areas of focus: student experience, communication, and facilities. These areas align with the vision and allow for opportunities for support and improvement that will have a positive impact on our students. 

Task force teams were then created for each of the identified areas to determine both strengths we can build on and areas in which we can improve. Surveys and focus groups were used, and best practices in both educational and business settings were explored. The teams then developed strategic intents and set measurable long-range goals to meet those intents.

The work isn’t done. We’re asking for community volunteers — this includes students, parents, faculty, staff, and community members — to help us achieve our goals by participating in smaller groups that will create action plans; adjust and revise those plans as needed; and monitor and report on the progress being made. If you’re interested in participating, please contact Nora Specht at 716-652-3000 x1001 or by email

This Strategic Plan will allow our exemplary faculty and staff to support our students, families, and community through relevant and engaging academic programs and facilities. It will also help us ensure the Iroquois Central School District remains a premiere educational institution in New York.

At Iroquois, the opportunities of the future begin today as we embark on our exciting new Strategic Plan...