• Douglas Scofield        The Iroquois Central School District is one of the pillars of our fine community. The strength of our district comes from the tradition of partnership between the home and school that has a common goal of ensuring the success of each and every student of the Iroquois community. As we move into the 21stCentury, the District’s focus is to deliver a wide and varied curriculum that will allow the growth of an individual. Iroquois will reach its goal through the support of its dedicated staff, caring parents, a school board committed to excellence and a community that supports and values education. 

               Iroquois Central School District has commencement goals that will guide the District’s response to the Regents call for higher-level proficiency for all students to become college and career ready. We will continuously reflect on the pedagogical practices of the District through constant data collection and reflection as it relates to the growth and development of the student. Our worth will be measured by the student’s performance and the expectations we hold for graduates. Ongoing professional development will occur to ensure that our teaching staff is well prepared to meet the high expectations that Iroquois Central will hold itself to.

               At Iroquois we believe that each student belongs to all of us and we all share in the responsibility of transforming our young children into intelligent, caring and responsible adults. I have an open door policy, so please call or just stop in if you have an idea, concern or issue.  
       Douglas Scofield