Since 1997, the Iroquois Central School District has been a proud sponsor of SafeHomes for our parents and students. We thank Superintendent Doug Scofield, our Board of Education and the faculty & staff for their continued commitment to provide a safe environment for our students. 
    Over the years, SafeHomes has been defined by more than just drugs and alcohol. Information and articles continue to be shared with parents relating to bullying, texting, sexting, computer safety, prescription drugs, parenting tips, etc. Currently each district building PTO has a representative that attends 4 meetings throughout the year with Sally Yageric, ECCPASA Parent Program Coordinator, where we meet and network with other SafeHome school districts to learn about new drug and alcohol “items” on the market, upcoming state & federal legislation and trends we are seeing within our own school district communities.
    We THANK YOU for participating in the Iroquois SafeHomes Directory. It is complete with name, address and telephone number for all families who completed the SafeHome Pledge Card for the 2020-2021 academic year. The directory allows you to communicate with parents of your child’s friends and/or for use whenever your child is hosting or attending a party or gathering. Share the directory with your child so that he/she can see that you are not the only parent/guardian who does not allow teenage drinking, unsupervised parties and all the other things “that everybody else” does. 

     The success and effectiveness of this program depends on communication…..Let’s all partner together!

     --Compliments of the Iroquois SafeHome Committee--- 

    Please click on the link below to open the:
    NOTE: This is a password protected file. If you signed up to be a part of this directory you can obtain the password from the following number
    (716) 652-3000 ext 1001


Last Modified on January 11, 2021