• Health ServicesWelcome to the Iroquois Central School District Health Services Page!

    If your child is going to be absent due to illness, you have questions regarding health related matters or need assistance in filling out the various health forms please contact the appropriate number below.
    School Medical Director – Dr. Robert Erickson
    District Nurse Coordinator – Jackie Ginter, RN  716-652-3000 ext. 4600
    High School Nurse – Jennifer Brooks, RN 716-652-3000 ext. 7600, Fax - 716-995-2449
    High School Nurse - Jackie Jimenez, RN 716-652-3000 ext. 7601 Fax - 716-995-1449
    Middle School Nurse – Macie Giczkowski, RN 716-652-3000 ext. 6600, Fax -716-995-2455
    Primary School Nurse – Katy Steck, RN 716-652-3000 ext. 2600, Fax - 716-805-7040
    Primary School Nurse – Maria Feneziani, RN 716-652-3000 ext. 3600, Fax - 716-805-7046
    Primary School Nurse – Jackie Ginter, RN 716-652-3000 ext. 4600
    , Fax - 716-805-7075

    Please see the links on the left for information on health forms, physicals and BMI.

    Parents as Medical Providers

    The New York State Education Department, Office of the Professions, division of medical licensing does not recommend and strongly discourages medical providers from treating family members. Accordingly, because the district follows a "best practice" standard of care in our health offices, please be advised that the district will not accept medical clearances, requests, forms, documents, certificates, or any other medical notice, etc. from a parent who is acting as their child's health care provider. All medical orders, certificates, or other required statements or forms must be written by the child's private primary care physician, or health care provider.

    A parent who is also a health care provider must complete all required parent documentation/permission to supplement the treating physician or other health care provider's information, the same as any other parent. Your failure to cooperate may delay the processing of your child's information resulting in delays in your child's ability to participate in various activities.